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Whiplash / Endeavour Capital Partners
TPC Wire & Cable Corp. / Audax Group
The First Electronics Corporation
Endeavour Capital Partners
ATL Technology
Seidler Equity Partners
Multi-Family Property Management Company (Undisclosed)
Rising Point Capital
Conco Services
Transition Capital Partners
Xclusive Staffing
Seidler Equity Partners
Fresh Food Products Company (Undisclosed)
XACT Data Discovery / JLL Partners
Q Discovery
TPC Wire & Cable Corp. / Audax Group
EZ Form Cable Corporation
Winchester Interconnect Corp. / Snow Phipps
Shanghai Phoenix Communication & Technology Co., Ltd .
National Response Corporation / J.F. Lehman & Company
SWS Environmental Services
Seidler Equity Partners
Hotel Management Company (Undisclosed)
Dominus Capital
Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc.
Nolan Capital Family Office
Diamond Wipes International, Inc.
Transportation Resource Partners
Commercial Truck Dealership (Undisclosed)
Seidler Equity Partners
The Wheel Group
Tower Arch Capital
Software Paradigms International Group, LLC
Seidler Equity Partners
Visual Comfort & Co. / circa Lighting
The Sterling Group
Roberts Gordon LLC
SP Products / Graham Partners
Bel-Art Products
Charlesbank Capital Partners
Waggoners Trucking Inc.
Seidler Equity Partners
Keystone Wire & Cable
Winchester Interconnect Corp. / Audax Group
Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing, Corp.
Stonebridge Partners
BrandFX Body Company
Winchester Interconnect Corp. / Audax Group
Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc.
Huntsman Gay Global Capital
Louisville Bedding Company
Soundview Paper Company
Putney Paper (Division of APC Paper Holdings)
Providien Medical / Endeavour Capital
Dynaroll Corporation
Audax Group
BoreFlex Industries
SCF Partners
The Mudlogging Company USA
MacLean-Fogg Company
Saegertown Manufacturing Corporation
American Capital Strategies
Rug Doctor
The Jordan Company
Production Resource Group
Winchester Interconnect Corp. / Audax Group
Kings Electronics Company, Inc.
Angelle Concrete Group / ShoreView Industries
Delta Concrete Products Company, Inc.
Clearview Capital
Rowmark, Inc.
WestView Capital Partners
Radiac Abrasives, Inc.
J.B. Poindexter & Company
Federal Coach LLC
ShoreView Industries
Angelle Concrete Group
Eastport Operating Partners
Roberts Gordon, Inc.
Leonard Green & Partners
Twinlab Corporation
Dover Corporation
Mark Andy Incorporated
Hanover Management Associates, Inc.
Universal Molding Company
Ampad Corporation / Bain Capital
SCM Office Supplies, Inc.
Bain Capital
Weider Health and Fitness
BT Capital
KC Publishing, Inc.
DLJ Merchant Banking
Recycler Classifieds
Tuthill Corporation
Coppus Engineering Corporation
Dover Corporation
A-C Compressor Corporation
Bain Capital
Ampad Corporation
Bain Capital
Hemar Corporation
Grubstein Holdings Ltd.
Kenfil Distribution
Stonebridge Partners
A-C Compressor Corporation
Exeter Capital
Brintec Corporation (Abbott Division)
The Jordan Company
Custom Chrome, Inc.
Clegg Industries, Inc.
Globe Industries (Building Products Division)
AEA Investors
Teltrend, Inc.
Huntington Holdings, L.P.
Better Vision Hardware Group, Inc.
Quincy Partners
Water Products Company, Inc.
The Jordan Company
Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc.
AEA Investors
Alflex Manufacturing
AEA Investors
Union Fork and Hoe
Birmingham Steel
Northwest Steel Rolling Mills
Wyndham Foods
Plantation Baking
Lineberger, Kidd, Kamm & Company
Peerless Chain
Leach McMicking
Sterling, Inc.
The Jordan Company
Gator Industries
Masco Industries
Acme Partition
Kransco Manufacturing Company
Pines of America, Inc.
AlloyTek, Inc.
Magna Mill Products
AEA Investors
Consolidated Stores Corporation
AEA Investors
Diet Center, Inc.
The Jordan Company
Sate-Lite Manufacturing Company
The Thompson Company
George-Good Corporation
Sterling Precision
Pembroke Yachts
Southern Extrusions
The Thompson Company
Berton M. Kirshner, Inc.
Leisure Enterprises, Inc. / Charterhouse Group
Richdel, Inc.
The Jordan Company
Industrial Sales Company, Inc.
Lineberger, Kidd, Kamm & Company
Norwood Marking & Equipment Company, Inc.
Lineberger, Kidd, Kamm & Company
Mitchell Rubber Products
RTE Corporation
Power Mate Corporation
The Owosso Company
Kuker Industries, Inc.
Masco Corporation
Universal Oil Field Services, Inc.
The Hillman Company
Meyers & Company, Inc.
Lineberger, Kidd, Kamm & Company
D.P. Bonham Transfer, Inc.
Bell Industries, Inc.
Miconics Industries, Inc.
The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
Allied Plywood Corporation
Federal Signal Corporation
Ace Drill Company
Ludens, Inc.
Queen Anne Candy Company
American Filtrona Corporation
Technolab, Inc.
Masco Corporation
Lamons Metal Gasket Company, Inc.
Peabody International Corporation
Churchill Pumping, Inc.
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
Textool Products, Inc.
Chromalloy American Corporation
Campus Casuals of California
The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
Centre Foundry and Machine Company
The Hillman Company
Petroleum Geophysical
Papercraft Corporation
Barth & Dreyfuss of California, Inc.
Dorset / G.L. Ohrstrom Company
Jasper Cabinet Company, Inc.
Dorset / G.L. Ohrstrom Company
United Manufacturing, Inc.
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Deal School Supply Company
Beatrice Foods Company
Royal Crown Bottling Company of Louisville
Indian Head, Inc.
MGM Brakes
Richardson-Merrel, Inc.
Sterol Derivatives, Inc.
Burgess-Notron Manufacturing
Asco Sintering Corporation
Whittaker Corporation
Trojan Boat Company
Rheem Manufacturing Company
Superior Tank and Construction Company
Kidde, Inc.
Crane Hoist Engineering Corporation
Sterling Precision Corporation
Holga Metal Products Company
Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company
L.B. Foster Company
Standex International Corporation
Manufacturers Systems, Inc.
Standex International Corporation
H.F. Coors Company, Inc.
Handy & Harman
Brunner Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.
Royal Industries, Inc.
Peerless Trailer & Truck Service, Inc.
Royal Industries, Inc.
Noble Manufacturing Company
Teledyne, Inc.
Efficient Industries Corporation
Handy & Harman
Merrit Plastic
The Jordan Company
Cape Craftsmen, Inc.
Bell Industries
Doug Thorley Headers
RTE Corporation
Delta Switchboard
Scott and Fetzer
Atlas Lighting
Gulf + Western
Inca Manufacturing
Sonoma Vineyards
Pacific Freight Supply, Inc.
Ply Gem
Allied Plywood


611 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90017

(323) 935-3500

Los Angeles
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