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Our firm facilitates creative and flexible merger and acquisition solutions that achieve the objectives of shareholders and management teams. Stakeholders are typically interested in exploring a transaction for one or more of the following reasons:

Wealth Diversification

Diversify wealth, reduce risk exposure, and enhance financial security. Focus vision on building future value rather than preserving existing value.

Growth Capital

Gain resources for strategic initiatives such as corporate acquisitions, product or service line expansions, new facilities and equipment, and-or R&D.

Personal Goals & Estate Planning

Provide financial security and time to pursue other areas of personal interest.


Provide management with new or increased equity, and plan for succession. Address how and when a company will be sold prior to a leadership void and unfavorable estate taxes. 


​Through over seven decades of initiating transactions, we have observed that shareholders and management teams have three objectives when evaluating a transaction: 

Maximize Shareholder Value 

Select a Buyer Who Is The Best Cultural Fit

 Confidentiality and Minimal Business Disruption

We provide a solution that serves stakeholders by introducing them to a qualified and motivated buyer in a confidential and discreet manner where everyone gains a true understanding of each other. We do not publicly market companies nor do we ask shareholders to hire us for that purpose. When our firm approaches a company, we represent a specific client who is attracted to a particular company. This ensures that employees, customers, competitors, and suppliers do not discover a company may be exploring options. It also allows a company to spend significant time with a prospective buyer so an understanding of their values and objectives is clear before closing the transaction. Building this relationship in advance promotes a successful long-term partnership. Our firm works with over three hundred nationally respected private equity firms, major corporations, and family offices who have specific merger and acquisition objectives, the resources to close transactions, and the motivation to offer attractive financial terms.


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