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The Roman Company is a leading merger and acquisition consulting firm specializing in private, middle market transactions. Our firm was originally founded in 1946 and is now a third generation family business with headquarters in Los Angeles.



We facilitate corporate acquisitions, management buyouts, strategic mergers, and minority equity investments for private companies. These transactions provide shareholder liquidity, raise capital for growth, create equity opportunities for management, and offer strategic benefits. We focus on transactions with values between $20 million and $500 million in a variety of industries including manufacturing, industrial, business service, distribution, healthcare, energy, and consumer/retail. 



Through our merchant banking activities, we manage equity capital funds for participation in select transactions. After investing in a company, we provide ongoing business development support to our partner management teams including merger and acquisition programs.


Our team consists of merger and acquisition specialists with 30 or more years of average experience in this profession. Prior to joining the firm, our associates typically have backgrounds in Fortune 500 corporate development, business ownership, investment banking, wealth management, and-or C-Level executive search.



Our firm works with private equity firms, major corporations, and family offices who have well defined merger and acquisition objectives and the resources to close transactions. We have active relationships with more than three hundred parent company clients whom we continually screen through communication with their decision makers to understand their interest and ensure they are purchase price competitive. In addition, we often work with many of our client's subsidiary companies.







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