Our firm facilitates creative and flexible merger/acquisition solutions that achieve the objectives of shareholders and management teams. To address these goals, we have successfully closed a variety of transaction structures including 100% acquisitions, management buyouts, recapitalizations, and strategic mergers. Shareholders and management teams are typically interested in exploring a transaction for one or more of the following reasons:


  • Wealth Diversification - Diversify shareholder wealth, reduce exposure to future risks, and enhance financial security. Also, refocus vision from preserving company value to building company value.
  • Estate Planning - Address how and when a company will be managed and sold prior to contending with estate taxes and leadership void.
  • Personal Goals - Provide the financial security and time to pursue other goals and areas of personal interest.
  • Management Succession and Ownership - Provide management with a new or increased ownership position and/or plan for succession, including the generational transfer of a company.
  • Growth Capital - Acquire resources for strategic initiatives (i.e. company acquisitions, product line/service expansion, new facilities, working capital for personnel, equipment, R&D).

Through over six decades of initiating transactions, we have observed that shareholders and management teams pursuing transactions are typically concerned with maximizing shareholder value and insuring the buyer is the right fit, all with minimal business disruption. 


We offer a solution that serves companies by introducing a qualified and motivated buyer in a confidential and discreet environment where both sides can gain a real understanding of each other.


Our firm works with nationally respected private equity firms and major corporations who have specifically defined merger and acquisition objectives and the resources to close transactions. We have active relationships with more than 500 such buyers whom we continually make sure are purchase price competitive through regular communication with their decision makers. We understand which buyers place a premium value on which companies and situations.


When our firm approaches a company, we represent a real client. We do not ask companies to hire us for the purpose of widely marketing their business. This helps make sure that competitors, vendors, and customers do not discover a company may be exploring transaction options. 


This also allows a company to spend significant direct time with a prospective buyer so an understanding of their values and objectives is clear before closing the transaction. Building this relationship in advance enables a more successful partnership over time.


Merger & Acquisition Services for the Middle Market since 1946